About us

Picture of a breathtaking CEO of a multi hundred double corporation. 
About Salty
Hi! I'm Amber and I am the CEO of   Salty LLC. We pride ourselves   on delivering high quality products   with no artificial crap or irritants. 

We are a passionate about   postpartum and strive to help   mothers feel seen and held during   such a transitional time in their   lives. 

Check out our products and give   us a follow on the gram! IG:   @_saltyllc You'll be blessed with   sub par business advice, witty   reels and postpartum education. 

a beautiful family picture of all feral children and the beast of a pup. The goodest of girls.
Florida to Idaho 

In 2011 my husband and I decided to trade the beach in for the mountains and move to Boise, Idaho. I will always love and appreciate the craziness of Florida and I sprinkle some of that into my scrubs. You’re welcome.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, all natural, body therapy products. You are worthy of self love and self care. You cannot pour from an empty cup and we are here to help fill up yours.  Whether it’s every day necessities or postpartum care, we are here to help soothe, heal and revive.